Saturday, March 9, 2013

This is how I organize my seed packets

Sometimes in the middle of winter, an image of a pretty flower on the front of a seed packet would catch my eye and I impulsively pick up the packet (and about a dozen more) and go straight to the check out line. Upon returning home, the instructions say to sow the seeds once the ground is warm. Sadly, i'm an impatient gardener, and most of the seeds I've collected over the years still sit collecting dust. Once the ground is warm, I've long forgotten about the seeds that I was so excited about.

So I decided to solve this dilemma and started organizing my seeds based on when they should be sown. I use an index card labeled for every season, and one labeled "sow anytime". I dug around for a suitable container and came up with these acrylic boxes that were used previously to contain frozen durian (yumm..). I now have an excuse to pay $6 for 6oz of durian (yikes!) because a new acrylic container would cost just as much.

I then file the packets behind the appropriate planting season. During each season, I can just look up what's ready for sowing at that time.

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