Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ready to Garden!

my hands haven't been so dehydrated as they are now. I've been pulling weeds four times a week!

1. apply lotion, any
2. on top, apply an oil, like Shea butter to seal it in. olive oil is great for skin too.
3. wear gloves! you can pull many more weeds with gloves than without. these are 1.99 at Lowes. one side grips, while the back is made of cloth for breathability. buy several pairs so you always have clean ones every day. plus you don't have to wash your hands, getting them further. throw them all in the machine when you're done.
4. ladies, don't forget sunscreen! for my face i use shiseido ultimate protection lotion, Spf 60! it feels like you have nothing on your skin, and i feel my face can withstand more heat with it on.

** for ant bites, and other skin irritations, have tea tree oil on hand. it stops the itch on contact and heals your skin.

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