Friday, July 1, 2011

It's Alive! Alive!!

Avocado coming back to life. This picture was taken April 2011. I knew it took some willpower to overcome the harshness of the previous winter. But this little guy came through. It was a grafted plant, and the plant that is coming back up is not the same.....but you know what, it doesn't matter to me. What some people fail to see is that the plant that is coming back is very frost hardy! So no matter what kind of avocado I do end up getting, at least it will survive at 22F. Besides, who says you can't get good fruit anyway. I love this little tree and I hope that it will try to please me with delicious and abundant fruit.

 Atemoya also coming back from the root. I was so happy to see my atemoyas again. I bought these as grafted cultivars, so what's coming up is not the "Lisa" or the "Gefner". But the fact that the roots came back means I will have a frost-tolerant annona. Living in zone 8B, I am happy with that. Plus, I don't think I've had an annona fruit that I didn't like. I am an optimist, so if the fruits turn out to be rocks, I'll find something positive out of that too! But I hope my trees bear me fruit that is even better than expected.

This is my tiny passionflower that I bought in a 4" pot just 6 months before, around October 2010. I planted it in the ground around November. It did nothing, didn't grow, nothing and then in the winter it died to the ground. I almost gave up hope. This picture above was taken in April 2011, I didn't even realize it had come back! Passiflora incarnata, my "resurrection" plant. You should see what it looks like now.

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