Friday, July 1, 2011

After the freeze inJan 2011 in my area (Houston) there was a lot of "destruction" that occurred in my new garden. It wasn't until March/April that I began going outside regularly again.....and to my surprise, all was not lost.

The above picture was my avocado that I just planted in the Fall of 2010. I was so proud of this little plant. I wrapped the bottom trunk with foam pipe insulation, that was it, the leaves were unprotected. I also mounded as much soil as I could around the base, it was only 8 inches or so. When the weather dipped one day to 22 F, it was unphased. But the freeze lasted a week. We had constant temps around 25-29F. Surprisingly, the leaves were still green after that first episode. But then one week later we had another freezing week. On the last day of freezing temps and harsh winds, this avocado's leaves began to turn brown. I was surprised it even lasted that long.

I didn't even want to photograph my two atemoyas I bought. It was downright depressing. I wrapped them in piping insulation, but they turned to dried sticks. Atemoyas are somewhat frost tolerant down to 26F. But this past winter was too much for it. So I decided to use these "sticks" as a tomato stake. That is a roma tomato I planted right next to it.

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