Monday, October 15, 2012

butterfly pea vine, double flowering

unbelievable blue flowers. the huge plant pictured was grown from seed just this past spring. if the roots are still alive, they will come back in the spring. if not, plant from seeds bc they grow quickly. they will also bloom in a container. The flowers are edible and make an awesome blue tea. i think they look like little blue roses.


  1. Those are beautiful! I have never seen such a royal blue flower before. Absolutely stunning. If they are edible they could make as great decorations for desserts! Blue tea sounds good to me too!

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  2. Hi JTrinh,
    I have been looking for this flower in the US, but it's difficult to find it. Would you happen to know if they have it anywhere in Texas? Please let me know because I'll be in the Houston area in May 2017. Thanks so much.